Payments - overview of payments for parents

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The parents find an overview of their payments in the "Payments" module.

The "Payments" module is in the left menu, section "Communication".

The "School's bank accounts (Fees)" section

Payment plan created by the school displays in the first section. If the school uses several accounts, the payment plans display in separate tables sorted by the account number.

In the first table there are payment plans for a swimming course and a school club. No maturity of the payments yet, that's why the text above the table says "Need to be paid This month 0.00".
The screenshot displays the view of a parent on the 16th of April 2018.

In the second table there are canteen payment plans by month with relevant Maturity dates. The "Amount" column displays the payment plan for a specific month according to the number of days and the meal price. It is amended based on meals cancelled that month (e.g. the April payment plan has been decreased by 5€).
The last - "Paid" column displays the amount paid or credit from previous months (the May payment plan includes a 5€ credit for meals canceled in April).
The text above the table includes the amount due to be paid in the present month, plus information about the payment's maturity.

The "Teachers (Fees)" section - cash payments

Payment plans created by the teacher to be paid in cash display in the second section. No need for information about bank account or the green "Pay" button. The amount specified has to be paid to the teacher in cash.
The amount to be paid this month displayed in the text above the table is 0€ as the payment maturity is next month.

The "Payments" section - payments already paid

The third section displays an overview of payments made, ordered by date of receipt. Payments can be filtered by the payment plan name. The payment details are available too.
Some schools do not upload received payments daily. That's why EduPage displays information about last update in payments made by the school. The parents don't have to contact the school if they know they paid after the last update.

How to select and pay a payment plan item

To pay a payment plan item e.g. meals for May - tick the box at the end of the line and then click the green "Pay" button (which sums up the paymnet in case more lines have been selected).
A QR code displays. Scan the QR code into your bank's mobile application or fill in the payment data in your bank's online services.