Payments - Basic information

English Payments module
English Administratos's rights for Payments module
English List of all helps for payment module

Payments - Settings

English Setting information about school's bank accounts
English How to display the payments and fees to students, parents and teachers
English Setting automatic assignment of payments to users and payment plans

Payments - Payment plans

English Creating a payment plan
English Modifications of payment plans
English How to assign a payment plan (modification) to a student
English How to remove payment plan from student
English How to change (remove) a fee of a student for the period of one school term
English Payment plan with siblings discount for 'after school club'

Payments - Students - payers

English How to define the user's payment ID code
English Reports to print, e-mail templates, export to excel
English Printing fees and payments
English How to set the initial credit

Payments - Incoming payments handling

English How to record received payments in EduPage - manual input, import from excel, account statement
English Import payments from bank statement
English Assign payments to students
English Change of payment's assignment
English Assigning payment to multiple users
English The meaning of credit in the Payments module
English Return payments - How to generate a batch payment order for the bank
English Returning overpayments - How to record return of overpayment/payment
English How to create different overviews and export them to excel

Payments - Cash collections

English Teacher - Creating a cash collection for a school activity (on the web)
English Teacher - Creating a money collection for a school activity (in the mobile application)
English Teacher - creating a payment plan via the Registration module - even for students from other courses

Payments - Payments for food

English Payment for canteen
English How to set the initial credit
English The meaning of credit in the School canteen module

Payments - Import to new school year

English Import to new school year - canteen and payments

Payments - Payments - parent's view

English Payments - overview of payments for parents
English How to set bank account information for return money payments