How to assign students homework, so that they can submit their work as a file or text?

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If the students are required to submit their homework as a text or file, e.g. programm source code, follow these instructions:
Click the "Start" button in the top left corner and select the "Add homework" option.

Type the descripture of HW and check the due date. Tick the "Allow students to submit text or files" checkbox.

The system creates an open question for you. Students can submit their elaboration to this question.

Where can I find the files that students uploaded to HW?

You can also assign this type of homework in the mobile app:

Student - How to submit HW with attached file

List of all types of files allowed to be uploaded by students:
apk, avi, body, c, c4d, cpp, cs, css, doc, docx, fbx, flipchart, flp, flv, ggb, gif, imp, java, jpeg, jpg, lxf, m, m4a, m4p, m4v, mp3, mp4, odp, ods, odt, pas, pdf, piv, pkt, png, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, psd, pub, py, py3, rar, rna, roz, rtf, sb, sb2, sb3, scratch, slx, sprite, sprite2, svg, swf, tif, txt, wav, webm, wma, wmv, xls, xlsx, xml, zip, zmf

If the students try to upload a different type of file, the system displays a warning.

If the type of file you need is missing from the list of allowed files, please let us know at

The maximum size of one file is 25 MB.

Note: Automatic creation of an open question does not work if there are already other cards in the HW. In this case, you need to create an open question manually.